How to find a divorce mediator? 7 basic steps

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Find a specialist for divorce mediation will be easier if you use the directory of mediators.

Divorce is a difficult process for both husband and wife. You need a professional to whom you will trust.

This person should have experience in solving such issues. It depends on it, how much profitable deal will be for you.

How to find a divorce mediator? 7 basic steps

What should you do first?

Find a few divorce lawyers in your city. Not less than 4-5.

It will be necessary to conduct something like an interview.

Organize a meeting with all candidates. Interrogate them separately. Compare them and choose the best. In the course of meetings you will learn many details about your upcoming case.

Some candidates will even propose a strategy for protection. Listen to suggestions, choose the best and find out about other aspects of the case.


  • Look at the price of mediation services for divorce. Choose a lawyer, based on the amount that you are willing to spend on his
  • If someone from the rivals is at a great distance from you, do not be afraid of it. Some experts are worth it to spend on them gasoline.

Instruction: how to find a specialist

When you choose candidates, they need to be checked. Call them and start checking. Pay attention to the following factors:

  1. How qualified is a particular divorce mediation attorney? Everyone can call himself a mediator and even have documents that confirm this. The training of this profession lasts no less than forty hours.
  2. How long does the expert work? Everyone wants an experienced lawyer. You need to understand that the price for their work will be appropriate. If you have problems with finances, hire a less experienced professional. The risks are big, but it's better than nothing.
  3. How many family divorce mediation processes did he have? Lawyers can have rich experience in solving issues related to business and civil affairs. But with divorce through mediation, everything is more complicated. The specialist should have a narrow specialization in such cases. If it is missing you will lose. Before hiring, make sure that the candidate is experienced in the issue of divorce. It is important!
  4. Can someone vouch for him? Ask the lawyer for contacts of people who can confirm his professionalism. It can be other lawyers, doctors, judges and other people who worked with him. Contacts of former clients you can not get - information is protected by a lawyer's secret.
  5. Does he have a good reputation among customers? Confirm this can articles in magazines, public appearances or lectures at the university.
  6. What style does the lawyer use in the divorce mediation process? Some experts independently negotiate with a lawyer and the opposite party. And others give the former spouse and spouse to speak out and come to a mutual decision on their own. Choose which style of divorce and mediation you like.
  7. How much does a lawyer take for mediation after divorce? Prices for services may vary depending on the city and state in which you reside. They need to be compared.

Take the choice of a lawyer responsibly. From his professionalism depends the outcome of the case.

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